Saturday, August 17, 2013

Sale Time....Finally!

Yay!  The TPT Back to School Sale is finally here!!!  I am enjoying my final weekend before summer is over. Doing a little blog stalking, laying around on the couch and of course stocking my cart!  My cart is full and I can't wait to start shopping!  I'm linking up with several of my first grade friends to make sure you don't miss out on a single item!

Check out these awesome first grade friends and their awesome stores!

Saturday, August 10, 2013

The BIG Day!!!

Today is the day my mama and sister have been planning for for over a year now . . .  It's my little sister's wedding day!!!  Its going to be beautiful and it WILL.NOT.RAIN. To bad there is a 50% chance of rain all day :(  Her venue is gorgeous so I am hoping she gets to enjoy it rainfree!

My twins are the flower girls in the festivities and here is how I think it will go for them: They will come out of the house, head down the stairs (maybe) and take a leisurely stroll down to the meadow for the ceremony.  They will get freaked out by all the people and have to be removed after approximately 3.5 seconds.  I will update this post to let you know what really happened!  I made their "dresses" which are really a white tutu with a leotard under it.  I must say they are pretty cute!

I also wanted to let all my awesome readers know that my entire Teacher's Notebook Shop is on sale for the entire week!  You can enjoy 20% off all the items in my shop.

Thanks to Shuna over at Pocket full of Kinders for this adorable button!

Head over and check out all the great items on sale!  I'm off to get ready for the excitement of a special wedding day!  Congrats Caitlin and Joe!!  

Sunday, August 4, 2013

Carolina Blogger's Meetup

In 2 weeks I will be heading back for my first official workday!  Where has my summer gone?!?!?!?  I know some of you have already headed back, and I can't imagine that!  This week will be packed with conferences and then my sister is getting married this weekend.  Bottom line, its going to be busy busy busy around here!

I have to actually set the alarm for the AM because I am going to the Pinnacle Conference.  I was chosen to be part of this technology group in my district that helps give teachers  tools and resources to support technology integration into their classroom back in 2010.  It was the reason I started blogging!  It was a requirement that I honestly thought was lame at the time!  Oh what I would have missed out on if I hadn't started this journey!  I have made so many amazing friends through blogging.  Not to mention how much I have grown as an educator because of blogging.

This past weekend I had a chance to meetup with some of my Carolina Blogging Buddies (CBBs) in Greenville, SC.  The amazing and adorable Amanda Madden planned this super fun meetup along.  She is such a doll!  Our riddler for the weekend was Ginger.  She came up with a neat scavenger hunt that allowed us to see all the key places in Greenville.  Love these ladies!

I headed down with my real life and bloggy BFF, Amber and man did we have fun!  I mean we have fun where ever we are, but this weekend was especially fun!
We stayed at the Westin downtown and it was NICE!  This is a pic of all my roomies.  Brandee, Elizabeth, Natalie, and Amber.

Love this black and white shot of Amber, Natalie and I from dinner at The Lazy Goat.  We all indulged in the Happy Hour special, a Strawberry Daiquiri Martini.  Yumo!

We spent the night at a local Dualing Piano Bar which was so much fun!  I think Amber and I had the most fun, but I may be a little biased!

Saturday we headed over Chicora Alley for lunch and it was delicious!  Its like Mexican meet American.  Yall know how I love my tacos, so I was in heaven.

 Amanda made each of us a nametag and giftbag all with the G-Vegas theme.  So cute!!  Natalie also made delicious cupcakes complete with a theme topper.  

This is a shot of some of us before heading over to lunch.  

I had an absolute blast meeting up with old friends and meeting new ones!  I can't wait till our next meetup which is happening in Charleston!  Head over and check out some of the amazing Carolina Bloggers.  

Brooke from Whooo's in Second?

Heather at Room 4 Imagination

Natalie at Teachery Tidbits

Kris at The Poole Pages
The Poole Pages

Classroom Snapshots

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Elizabeth at Fun in Room 4B

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Emily AND Kerry at Third and Goal

Lauren at The Sweetest Thing
The Sweetest Thing

The 2nd Grade Surprise

4 The Love of Teaching

Amanda at Teaching Maddeness
Teaching Maddeness

Guess I better head to bed, the alarm will be ringing before I know it.  I hope I win an awesome prize tomorrow!

Saturday, August 3, 2013

Currently Summer's Ending

Its August, which means summer is winding down and that means school is just around the corner!  I know some of you have already gone back, I can't imagine going back any earlier than we do.  I plan on being as lazy as possible until August 19!

Onto the Currently!!!!
Listening: I am seriously obsessed with Discovery ID!  I might need an intervention for B2S time.  I love all the lying, cheating and affairs.  I know, I'm crazy!  Tonight involved a marathon of Deadly Affairs!

Loving: Our Carolina Blogger Meetup was this weekend.  It was such a fun time!  Look for a blog post all about the fun.

Thinking: Time is running out and I NEED to get my room unpacked and put together!  I am beginning to panic!

Wanting: I so want a massage before I get back to the grind, but it doesn't look like its going to happen.  We shall see!

Needing: If I would stop being such a procrastinator I would solve my Thinking and Needing problems!  Room is not done, stress is starting!  I have got to get my booty in gear!

B2s Must Haves: Sharpie Chart Markers: these are my #1 go to chart markers.  I love sharpies and these don't bleed through.

Really Good Stuff book bins: these are a must for optimal organization of your classroom library!

This leads me to the final must have: Organized Classroom Library: if you want students to successful read for long periods of time, they have to be able to find and choose appropriate books.

There ya go!  Head over to Farley's and link your Currently up!


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