Thursday, June 28, 2012

Who Knew Vacation Was This Tiring!!!!

So this has been my first real week of summer break.  Between cleaning, packing, new school, trainings, meetings and all that other stuff teachers do , I haven't had time to just RELAX.  Well this week I planned on it, but clearly it just wasn't in the plan for the twins!  They are really good sleepers, so I shouldn't complain, but just once I would like to make it past a 7am wakeup!  

Our days have been spent playing in the sandbox, Playing in our disaster room of fun Playroom, Blowing Bubbles and Eating!!!!  (what a hard life!)  They really keep me hopping as 18month olds get bored with an activity rather quickly!  

Monday and Tuesday are a blur and last night I had a night out on the town!  For my birthday (back in April)  my mom bought tickets for she and I to see the Broadway play Beauty and the Beast!!!!  
It was AH-Mazing!  I LOVE theater and musicals so it was a perfect night!  We had great seats and even though I am very familiar with the story (I am a Disney fanatic!) there were new things to be seen.  

I had a math meeting this morning to get ready for the 2nd round of Common Core Trainings to help teachers implement Pearson Math Investigations.  Do any of you use this program?  

So for my first week of summer break, I am ready for a BREAK!  Anyone else with me????  Summer time seems to be the time teachers use to get ready for a new year, instead of taking a break :)  What Rock Stars we are!!!!

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Ask and You Shall Receive!!!

 I once again linked up with TBA for their awesome Freebie Friday!  Make sure you check out all the free goodies that are available by clicking on the link.

Freebie Fridays

I am happy to say that I had several new followers join up over the weekend.  :)  Glad you guys joined up with the Taco Madness!  So many people commented on the Common Core I Can Statements, that I have decided to make them for all grade levels.  At the request first of my bloggy friend, Elizabeth over at Fun in Room 4B, I have 4th grade ready to go!  I will begin working on 2nd grade next.  

You can head over to my TpT or TN to pick these up for free.

Also, don't forget that Amber from Adventures of a Third Grade Teacher and I are hosting a Carolina Blogger/Reader Meetup.  We would love to have you join us in August for a fun time!  I mean if Amber and I are involved, its going to be fun!!!!  Speaking of fun, we went out last night to celebrate Amber's Bday and had a great time. 

Don't you wish you were out with us???  You can be, just sign up for the Meet Up!!!!


I did find time to enjoy playing with my sweet girls this weekend.  Raegan loves to be in the water, while Kenley is more timid about it.  Both loved playing in their new pool.

Hope you guys had a great weekend!!!

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Common Core Freebie!!!!!!

I had my 2nd day of Common Core Training today, and my head is FULL of new info that is just swimming around!  I was trying to find out how I would use this new knowledge with my new job as an instructional facilitator.  Well, tonight it came to me!  Our district is using new I Can statements that match the Common Core standards.  Have any of you done these before?  I think they are a great way to clarify the learning targets to the kiddos.  I decided to start making the I Can statements to share with my teachers at my new school.

The plus is, I will share with you too!!!!  Click on the pic below to pick up your set at my TpT.  You can also pick it up at my TN here.

Please leave me some feedback on these if you pick them up.

Also, don't forget to sign up for the Carolina Blogger Meet Up with Amber and I!

Tomorrow's hump day, from there it's all down hill!!!!!

Monday, June 18, 2012

Carolina Blogger Meet Up!!!

Today should have been my first official vacation day off school, but alas, we had Common Core Math training.  I led the presentation on unpacking Math Investigations, (which I LOVE!) but doing to presentation 3 TIMES was a bit much for me!!!  I think by the end I had memorized the video we showed ha!  Tomorrow is Reading and Writing Workshop (My FAV!!!) so I am excited but a little sad to know that I won't be using it in my own classroom :(

On to more happy things...My blogging and real life BFF Amber over at Adventures of a Third Grade Teacher  and I are planning a Carolina Blogger Meet Up!!!

A few months ago some other bloggers met up in Raleigh and we both really wanted to go, but it was at a hectic time and I wasn't able to make it.  Being from the Charlotte area, our SC friends can come too!  We have picked the date, but haven't decided where!  Any ideas????

If you are interested in meeting up, fill out the form below and start spreading to word!  If you know other Carolina Bloggers, invite them to come.  Feel free to take the graphic and let other bloggers and readers know about it!

And another happy thing is that it is Taco Monday!!!!!  Not only did I get to spend the training today with Amber, we had Tacos together!  How could I not be happy after that???  

Friday, June 15, 2012

Giveaway Winners and Moving On

So I got so caught up into summer break that I totally forgot to pick a winner for my giveaway!  Congrats to Lori who was the winner!!!!  I have sent an email to let her know that she will be the proud owner of one of everything in my store.  Thanks to everyone who entered.

I have been working this week on packing up the past 7 years of my teaching life into boxes and let me tell you, it is sad!  I have accumulated quite a few things and I don't know what to do with it all!!!!  I went over to my new school where I will be working as an Instructional Facilitator and I am really excited.  Everyone I met was super nice and didn't seem to mind (at least I didn't notice) that my experience is upper grades and I am moving to a primary K-2 school.  I even got one hug!  I haven't finished packing up even though workdays are over, so I will back at it next week. 

Are you guys moving to Common Core?  We have summer trainings next week to look at how we are going to implement it next year.  I am excited about moving into the CC because I feel it will level the playing field for those students and schools who struggle because of their family involvement.  Hopefully after next week I will actually be able to enjoy my summer vacation!  

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Stretching Myself and Family Fun

I just accepted my new position as an Instructional Facilitator and got an email late yesterday that I would be at a K-2 school.  I am super excited about this, but way nervous!!!!  I have been in 3rd grade for the past 7 years and have NEVER taught kindergarten or first.  My student's last day was yesterday and my brain is already thinking about how to get ready for next year.  A teacher's job is never done!

 I am really going to need the help of my fellow bloggers who have advice of what books/resources are good for K-2.  I am already stalking many K-2 blogs to get ideas.  If you know of anything that could be helpful please leave me a comment.  I am going to start by reading the Reading and Writing Workshop by Lucy Calkins for all three grades.  That will keep me busy for a while!

Today was Day Out With Thomas at Tweetsie Railroad, a western theme park in the mountains of NC.  The girls love Thomas the tank engine and had the best time.  Check out some of the highlights below.

Thomas The Tank Engine AKA Star of the Show!!

Family Photo with Sir Topham Hat

First Time Riding without having someone hold her on!

They had just blown the train whistle

They couldn't get enough of the steering wheels in the airplanes

Loved the bell in the boats

Feeding the pygmy goats

What fun things did ya'll get into this weekend???  

Friday, June 8, 2012

Summer...We Meet Again!

Today was the last day of school FINALLY!!! It was a bittersweet day.  I am ready for summer, but wasn't ready to let this bunch go.  They have been one of the best groups I have worked with.  It was an emotional day full of water works, but I won't bore you with the details of that.  This week was one huge blur, but I want to share some of what went on.  Monday we had Field Day and Water Day.  It was a blast!

Tire Roll

Awesome Mid Air Jump!

Check out that form!

Tug Of War...We beat my teammate, Erica's Class! That was the highlight of the day.  

Tuesday was Minute to Win It Classroom edition.  The kids had been reading Harry Potter and were sorted into their houses, so we let them compete by house.  They had the best time.

Breakfast Scramble

This Blows

Elephant Walk

Thursday I planned a school wide Carnival to celebrate all the success the kids have had this year.  It was Ah-Mazing!!!!!  The kids had the best time and were very well behaved, especially for the day before the last day.

We had a dunk tank where teachers volunteered to get dunked by their students.  Those who met the state standard in their assessments were able to have a shot at dunking our awesome principal.  Isn't she awesome????

Our wonderful custodian even got in the mix by allowing kids to pie him in the face!

Spray Away Game

I also found out today that I will not be returning to my classroom next year.  I have accepted a job as an instructional facilitator in my district.  I will be working at a different school helping teachers implement the new common core.  I am excited for this new opportunity, but am sad to leave my classroom.  

Also, don't forget about my sale I'm having at my TpT and TN Stores.  My giveaway closes out Sunday.  I'm giving my everything in my store away, so you want to enter!!!!!
Happy Weekend Everyone!!!!!!

Monday, June 4, 2012

Happy Summer Sale and a Giveaway

So I know that many of you have been out for weeks now, but I am finally on my last week of school with my kiddos.  As a hello to summer I am having a sale at my stores.  My TpT is 20% off and my Teacher's Notebook is 30% off.

In addition to my sales, I am also having a giveway!  One lucky winner will win everything in either my TpT or Teacher's Notebook store!!!!!  I am using Rafflecopter (I've never used it!)  to help me pick the winner.  This is the biggest giveaway that I have done, so you know you want to enter :)  I hope to have my Harry Potter Lapbook ready to go for this giveaway too.

Hope everyone had a great Monday, mine was excellent with Field Day, Water Day and of course, Taco Night!!!!!!  


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