Thursday, October 25, 2012


What.A.Week!!!!!!!  When I saw what I had to do last week, I thought it was the busiest week of my year so far, boy was I wrong!!  This week surpassed that by Wednesday.

Monday began with me walking in the door at 7:30 and having my principal call me in her office (before even  putting my stuff down!) We had a nice chat about some curriculum stuff I honestly don't remember!  Then the rest of my day was spent putting out teacher fires dealing with curriculum, report cards and benchmarks.  Tuesday I already knew was a wash because the Title One department had set up for all Instructional Facilitators to attend an Eric Jensen  brain based teaching workshop.  It was great and I learned a lot of new ideas to engage all learners.  A plus was the beautiful drive to Asheville with my IF bestie, Danielle.  The downside was that I was off campus all day.  Being gone all day means no work is getting done!!!!  

Moving onto Wednesday (yes we are only at the half way point, are you exhausted yet????)  I had a data guru meeting which made my head spin!  The presenters move at warp speed and talk all this AMO, EVAAS, EOG, K2 Report Card blah blah blah.  I have to analyze data and prepare spreadsheets all while trying to keep up with everything that was being said.  After that I had a well deserved lunch with my IF Bestie at a local sandwich shop Spindle City Cafe.

How stinkin' cute is that decor!

After lunch I rushed back to school to get ready for my K2 Report Card training.  I'm not going to lie, it was rough!  I presented a district created presentation and was met with harsh words from most teachers.  I know that it wasn't directed at me because they are all overwhelmed with Common Core, but it was still a little difficult.  After that training I went back to my room and worked until 6pm.  It was nice because most teachers were gone so I was able to actually focus on my work.

Today I went to a Teacher Advisory Council meeting for our district.  Normally our SIT chair goes, but she was on a field trip (lucky duck!) so I filled in.  Let me tell you about the super fun agenda: Common Core, Pay for Performance and our school calendar.  Nothing like getting a roomful of teachers in an uproar about CCSS and then topping it with Pay for Performance!!!!  I was very surprised how well the meeting went.  Things were discussed, but in a super professional manner.

 After leaving that meeting, I rushed back to school to train up my new Kinder teacher in MCLASS/Dibels.  It was great working with her!  I love the newbie energy.  She is so eager about everything and it excites me that she is so willing to try anything and a BIG bonus is she doesn't complain about a single thing!!!!

After that I had a Smart 11 training which was great, but it made for one long day.   

After arriving home, I sat down for about an hour and had to go out to church to practice for our family experience that is coming up in Nov.

Needless to say I am more than ready for the weekend!!  One day left this week and I am happy to say, I have NO meetings tomorrow!!!  

Bring on Friday!!!!!!!!

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  1. Common Core people should have just created a report card...then everyone wouldn't have to be trying to recreate their own.

    Chickadee Jubilee


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