Friday, November 16, 2012

Tears turned into blessings

Most of you know that Raegan had her surgery Wednesday.  This is the first time I have been able to sit down and write a post about it.  We came up Tuesday for all her preop stuff.  Knowing she wouldn't be able to do much playing for a while, we went to McDonalds to play before the torture began.
Surgery is no reason to be unfashionable!

Tuesday night was a sleepless night to say the least.  I woke up at 2:30 and couldn't sleep, good thing I had my iPod loaded up with my fav Christian artist.  By know I shouldn't be surprised, but I continue to be amazed at how God works!  The songs I listened to on my playlist were perfect and put my mind and soul at ease.

We are staying at the Ronald McDonald House.  It is AH-MAZING!  I had always dropped my extra change in those bins going through the McD's drive through, but never would have expected this!  Have any of you ever experienced a RM House?  They have a group that brings dinner in every night  extra snacks provided by different groups and you only are expected to give a $10 donation, if you can!  It has been a true blessing for our family, and now we are going to be more conscious of putting our money in that bin!

Wednesday morning we had to be at the hospital at 9:30.  Of course a 22 month old's idea of sleeping in is 7 am, so we got up, dressed and hung out in our room.   Check out my lil' diva!  Just because your having surgery isn't any reason not to be fashionable!
We arrived at the hospital a little before 9:30 and the waiting began.  Hospitals love to keep ya waiting!  That was the most agonizing part.  Finally she was called back about 10:30.  This whole time Raegan was asking for juice, 'naks', apples, and saying "eat!" I felt horrible that my poor baby hadn't eaten since the night before.  We were able to meet another family who's 6 yr old daughter, Dana, was having heart surgery.  If you think about, please pray for Dana!

Once we were called back, she had a quick well check of sorts and we....waited some more!  They had a little playroom back in the surgical holding area.  She had a ball playing.

Doesn't she look adorable in her gown!

They finally took her back to get sedated at around 11:20.  It was the longest morning!!!!!  We all (12 friends and family were with us!)  went to get some lunch and when we came back they had just called to  say they had begun her surgery.  We got a call every hr and a half with an update.  We got a call about an hr in that they had completed her surgery and were 'putting her back together'.  It took another hour and a half and we were told it was complete with no complications!!!!!  How great is our God!!!!  So many people have been praying for my tiny girl and God showed up BIG time!  

After about 45 min the Dr. came out and talked to Kyle and I.  She told us the surgery went great with no surprises.  It took another hour to be able to see her.  That was painful!  When we finally were called back, she was calm at first, but once she saw me, the floodgates were opened!  She was screaming all the way to her PICU room.  

For the next 30 minutes, I heard "get out" meaning I want out of the bed "fixit mommy" talk about breaking my heart and the worst "I'm sorry!"  My poor little baby thought this happened to her because she had done something wrong!!!!!!  I was so happy when they were finally able to get her pain managed and make her comfy.  Once that happened, she slept most of the night.  

Thursday brought another awesome God filled day!  She hasn't had much swelling and all the Dr. are amazed at how well she is doing. I'm not, though, my God is big!!!!  She was moved to a regular room yesterday afternoon and is only getting Tylenol for pain!!!!  Who would have thought that only 1 day after major surgery Raegan would be doing so well, not me, but God knew!  

We still have a long road to recovery, but we are all so blessed.  Being at a Children's Hospital really makes you count the blessings you have.  There were so many sick children on the PICU floor that were much worse than my Raegan.  It was heartbreaking to see their families dealing with the thought of not leaving the hospital with their child.  I can't imagine.  I know how scary this has been for me and my family, but I am thankful that her condition is treatable and not life threatening!  

I will post more updates later!  Thanks to my awesome followers who have been lifting us up, you rock!


  1. What an adorable fashionista! :) Praise God all turned out well! He is good! I will continue to pray for you, little Raegan, and Dana.

    Bren P.
    The Teacher Diaries

  2. So glad things went well for your daughter. She is adorable. Where did her surgery take place? I live in Memphis with St. Jude and the RM House. It is a pretty awesome place. Praying for a quick recovery so that you can be back home as a family.

    Kinder Kraziness

    1. It was in Winston Salem NC. Thanks for the prayers Laura! we have felt such comfort from all the prayers :)

  3. I am so happy to hear everything went well. Still thinking about you and your family!! :)

    1. Thanks Nina!!! We really appreciate all the prayers!

  4. God is good! Your family and Dana are in my prayers.

    1. You are so right Emily! We have felt all the prayers!

  5. So glad she is doing so well! Thank you for sharing it with us. Praying that she continues to do well!


    1. Thanks Heather!!! We are amazed with her progress :)


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