Saturday, October 26, 2013

Good Teacher...Bad Blogger

The past 2 weeks months have been a complete blur!  I worked on and off most of August on school stuff, and thought I was in a good place, but when the first workdays hit, I realized how much I needed to accomplish.  Being at a new school added a whole new layer of extra 'to dos'.  I had to first figure out the way things were done in my new school, then had to come up with a plan to get orientation worked out.

I used Reagan's awesome packet to help organize my Orientation into stations.  It worked amazingly.  I did have a presentation going in the background, but I was able to actually talk to parents without feeling I hadn't covered everything.  Coming from a Title One school I wasn't prepared for all the supplies I received that night and I have the sweetest class ever.  I even got my first teacher gift of the year!

 After Orientation was done and over with, I had 3 days to make sure my room was 100% ready to go.  I am finally ready for the reveal, even if its a week months late!   Throw in a Disney trip in Sept, and I am really behind!!!

Front of the room

Side of the room

My Owlsome Library!  

My calendar area

I can't believe I've been a first grade teacher for a little over 2 months now!  I am LOVING all the extra sweetness the primary grade brings!  

Hopefully I will now get back on my regular blogging schedule!  I never realized how tough changing grades and schools would be!  Thanks for sticking with me!

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