Monday, November 28, 2011

Totally Didn't Feel Like a Monday

So usually after a long break my students come back hyper and out of control. I typically spend most of the day saying things like, 'stop talking' 'please get on task' and 'please wake up'. Today wasn't like that at all! I started using the Reading and Writing Workshop models without using reading stations or an anthology reading book. I.Loved.It. My students' behavior was phenomenal! I didn't have to ask them to stop talking until 2:20pm. This was amazing!

At 2:10pm one of my students looked at the clock and said, "Mrs. Haywood is it really 2:10?" I said, "yes it is, why?". He continued on by saying that he couldn't believe it was already time to go home and that he felt like we hadn't done any work today because we had fun all day. That is the kind of learning I want to be known for, the kind that doesn't even feel like learning! I love seeing my students so excited about their learning.

Oh and a bonus is it was Monday Taco night!!!! We had 2 newbies join us last night, and I'm pretty sure they'll be back next week. Who can beat $1 tacos?????



  1. One, why haven't I been invited to Taco night.
    Two, I was telling Ashley what you guys are doing. We decided that you should just give us your plans. :)

  2. You can come to Taco night any Monday you want to! You ALWAYS have a standing invite :) Also, all my plans are available on Teachers pay Teachers hahah JK you know I will give you anything you want! If you want to get rid of your basil reader, I'm your girl. We are doing a training in Jan. for our staff that you and Ashley could come to :)

  3. That would be awesome! Let me know about the training when it gets closer!


Twins, Teaching and Tacos


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