Monday, March 5, 2012

So Glad for Tacos and My Bloggy Friends!

I have not had a day like I had today in a LOOOOONG time!  It was horrible!  I woke up this morning and had a feeling that it was going to be a rough one, but I had no idea how rough it would be.  My National Boards stuff is due at the end of the month (and I am wasting time blogging catching up with all my friends instead of working on it!), I had to lead a tech training session today and all my Dibles data has to be in in 7 days!  The day started out bad and ended up in the deepest pit possible.  Ok maybe I'm being a little dramatic, but you get the gist, HORRIBLE DAY!  

On the upside, it was Taco night and I got to enjoy delicious tacos with the hubs, my girlies, and my bloggy bff....Amber!  We ALWAYS have the best time!  If it hadn't been for the tacos, I do believe this day would have been a dark cloud over my whole week.  

You guys out in the blogosphere also made my day more tolerable.  I have the best bloggy friends out there.  I was honored to be given awards from 2 lovely ladies. 

First Tamera from My Heart Belongs in First gave me

She even said I was one of her daily reads!!!  That made me feel ah-mazing!  
I am going to have to break the rules for this one and post my 15 blogs later.  With my long to-do list getting longer by the minute, I just don't have time right now!  

My 2nd Award came from sweet Elizabeth (great name, huh!)  from Fun in Room in 4B

My Photo

She gave me the biggest compliment anyone could with the Top 10 Blog Award!
Top 10 TBA

As if that wasn't enough, she said the nicest things about me which made me feel all fuzzy inside.  
I will pass this one on when I have more time!  

I feel so lucky to have such awesome support from all of ya'll!  When I've had a bad day, I can always count on getting on here and ya'll making me feel so much better.  Ohhh and my girls make me feel better too!  

How can you not smile when you see they are both ready for the Zombie Apocalypse!  


  1. Thanks Miss T! I'm a lil partial, but I have to agree with you! I love the way they are both looking so intense and have their pacies in their mouths.

    Amber, I LOVE YOU 2! You bring spicy to Taco Night :)

    Twins, Teaching and Tacos.

  2. Glad I could make you feel all warm and fuzzy :) You are awesome and I love reading your blog, dear bloggy friend.


    Fun in Room 4B

  3. Your blog is adorable! Your daughters are SO precious! Love the pic!

    I hope tomorrow is better!


Twins, Teaching and Tacos


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