Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Fraction Bootcamp

TEN HUT!!!!!! 
Yesterday we started our Fraction boot camp and it was great.  Fractions have been a huge struggle for my lil' third graders this year.  My awesome teammate Erica found different hands on activities that the kids could complete each day.  Our state standards have 5 different elements for fractions.  Each day the kiddos rotate through an activity that goes with each of the 5 standards.  

I created a Boot Camp itinerary to helped the kids keep up with what stations they had done.  They also had to answer an EOG (our state testing) question that went with each standard.

Click on the pic if you want to see the actual document.  

Fraction Flip-a war-like game

 Number line sort

Fraction Sort
My awesome principal helping out at the Fraction Pizza station.  She is such an asset to our school, and I couldn't have done this station without her!!!!

Completed Pizzas

 My recruits had the best time today and couldn't wait for boot camp time.  What fun things are you guys doing for review before the BIG test?????

Ohhhh, and check out David Bowie and Joe Dirt below!  You can guess which is which!


  1. Love your fraction bootcamp!


  2. Your fraction bootcamp is awesome! I may be missing this somewhere, but is there a link to the actual activities? I love teaching fractions, and am always looking for new activities!


    1. Julie, here is a link to 2 of the activities we did in the Fraction boot camp.
      Most of the activities were freebies from other blogs or things I found on Pinterest. I found all the activities pictured above on pinterest. Hope this helps!


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