Monday, May 7, 2012

Fractions, Fractions and More Fractions!

It's Taco Monday!!!!  I LOVE taco night and tonight was no exception!  Great food and company, can't beat it.  For some reason the tacos were extra good tonight.  (I think it is because I missed last week)

Today was a super busy day, and it is way too late, but my brain doesn't seem to want to settle down for the night.  I can't believe the BIG test is next week!!!!  To help my kids prepare for the upcoming EOG, we are spending the week in fraction boot camp.  Our new recruits arrive tomorrow and I can't wait!

Today we decided to review fractions on a number line by creating a human number line.  
The kids had a great time using what they had learned about fractions on a number line to create this!  

To keep my kids practicing this difficult skill, I created task cards with number lines on them.  Students are expected to tell which fraction the letter would be found on.  

Head over to my Teacher's Notebook Shop or TpT to pick this set up for only $2.00!  I will upload to my TpT as soon as they open back up to uploads.  

In honor of Teacher Appreciate Week, I will give this set away to the first 3 people to comment!!!


  1. Love hands on math!

  2. This looks like so much fun! What a great way to learn about fractions!
    Best wishes for your kiddos on the upcoming test.

  3. I would love this!! Great job! Tanya

  4. I am being moved to third grade next year, from kindergarten, and was checking out some new blogs. Yours looks great! Wish I was quick enough for the freebie!

    1. Good luck in 3rd next year! It is my fav!!!! Check your email, I sent you a present:)

  5. I looove the new look!! It is totally you, bright, colorful, and cheery! ;)


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