Monday, July 16, 2012

The Hills Are Alive With The Hunger Games

So I finally was able to go on my long overdue vacation!  Me and the hubs took the girls and headed up to Brevard, NC with the rest of my family.  This is better known as the land of waterfalls.  It is home to over 200 waterfalls!  We stayed at at awesome mountain rental house my mom found.  

Pentimento Mountain Vacation Home
It was perfect!

We spent time hiking in DuPont State Forest which is where scenes for the Hunger Games were filmed!!!!!  I imagined I was Katniss running through the arena and could imagine she and Rue moving about the forest.  I even saw a meadow where I could imagine her laying Rue when she decorated her with flowers.  

Triple Falls, Hiking info DuPont Forest, waterfalls and trail information DuPont

Triple Falls was one of the waterfalls seen during the scene when Katniss almost steps on Peeta when he is disguised.  

Bridal Veil is where Katniss found relief from her burns right before the Careers found her.  I love the hunger games and can't get over the fact that it was filmed right here in my home state! 

The Whole Fam at High Falls

Check out that Power!

While up in Brevard, we also visited Pisgah National.  I LOVE history and any time I can visit historic sites, I'm there!  We visited The Cradle of Forestry which is where George Vanderbilt (Biltmore House guy) started the first forestry school.  They had several historic buildings including a commissary, lodge house, school house, and a logging train!  They even had the original railroad which was built in the early 1900's. 

Raegan was ready to go logging!

Kenley in her logging gear

Me and the hubs on the logging train

Original Railroad Bridge

Driving the equipment

The Hubs

We also visited a picnic area that was right by the river where the girls could enjoy some creek stomping.  They loved getting their toes wet, but the water was FREEZING!  I did not get it!  

I was very sad to come back to reality and to top it all, I have to present all week at our districts Common Core Trainings....UGH!  I love presenting and helping in my district, but I do not like getting up way early especially when I cant fall asleep before 12!  

What vacations have you guys been on so far????


  1. Thanks for all the deets of your historical vacation. I know it made you happy to be one with The Hunger Games. Glad you are back in GTown.

  2. That looks like an amazing trip!! I love the falls!! I'm glad you had a great time :)
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