Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Cookin' Up Some Math and a Freebie

I have been unbelievably busy these past few weeks! You all know I went to see the infamous Lucy Calkins, been there, rode the ride, got the T-Shirt or in this case the book!

Well last Wednesday I had the opportunity to go see Math genius Marcy Cook. She has been around FOREVER, but I had never heard of her, crazy I know! It was a great session and just proved how far ahead of CCSS she was! Her stuff is so basic, yet so advanced, and there is no way I could come up with some of the things she created!


Never having seen her, I wasn't prepared for her outfit!  If you have seen her in person, you are already aware of her eccentricness.  I totally just made up that word! This pic just doesn't do it justice!  Do any of you use any of her stuff?

These bears were my favorite!

I have been so blessed in my new position to have received so much professional development while most departments are cutting these types of things from their budget, mine sees the value.  

I am happy to say that my spring break is fully intact and is just around the corner!!!!  It begins Thursday and my family will be heading down to Garden City Beach, SC.  My aunt lives there so its free which is a bonus and as an added bonus, my uncle retired from managing Krispy Kreme down there, so its free hot now doughnuts all around!!  I'll be a fat, red lobster when I leave!

I can't wait to get my toes in the sand!  Thursday can't come fast enough!

Lastly, I have a freebie for my dedicated readers.  I whipped up some new spring Boggle Letters.
(I forgot my external drive at school, so I had to steal borrow the pic from Pinterest!)
Head over to my TPT or TN to pick up your copy!  


  1. Wow!!! I hope I will get to go to some great pd!! I won't start until next year. Enjoy your spring break!

  2. I love Marcy Cook and have been to 3 of her workshops! She really is a lot of fun!
    Second Grade is Out of This World!


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