Saturday, March 30, 2013

Hallelujah It's Spring Break!

So after patiently waiting for what seems like forever, Spring Break has finally arrived! I couldn't be more ready for this break. All the stress of the new CCSS and my new role has taken its toll and the fact we haven't had a break in months didn't help. Looking at next years calendar I'm glad they added in at least one workday a month.

My aunt and uncle live in Garden City Beach, SC which is down from popular Myrtle Beach, so we are vacationing there, for free...the best kind!
So we decided to brave the cold 55 degree temps and head to the ocean. Nothing, not even cold windy weather was going to dampen my vacay! In order to get the full effect I must set the scene! We get dressed in full sweats, socks, and tennis shoes to go bask shiver in the sun on the beach. The girls couldn't wait to "do to beach" When we got down there, they loved playing in the largest sandbox they could imagine. This lasted approximately 15 min, which is a lifetime in 2 year old terms!
Kenley started pulling her shirt up saying, "clothes off, do swim" and then they started running around on the beach. One time Raegan ran straight towards the ocean and I was certain she was going to keep running into the water! I jumped straight up to grab her and I'm sure I looked like a complete idiot. It also didn't help that my child took this opportunity to attempt to throw herself down in the sopping wet sand.

So in short, after an hour and a half, I'd had enough! We came back in, they went down for a nap and my real vacation began...laying around watching 90210 reruns on soap! Don't hate!

For those that actually stayed with me through this rambling post, you will be rewarded! I'm joining up with several other bloggers and throwing a spring cleaning sale over at my TpT and TN for 20% off Saturday and Sunday. It's a great time to clean out those wish lists and purchase some items you've been wanting for a while.

Today we will be dyeing Easter Eggs, attending a beach side Easter Egg hunt, and having some lazy time in there somewhere!  What are your Easter/Spring Break plans????

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Cookin' Up Some Math and a Freebie

I have been unbelievably busy these past few weeks! You all know I went to see the infamous Lucy Calkins, been there, rode the ride, got the T-Shirt or in this case the book!

Well last Wednesday I had the opportunity to go see Math genius Marcy Cook. She has been around FOREVER, but I had never heard of her, crazy I know! It was a great session and just proved how far ahead of CCSS she was! Her stuff is so basic, yet so advanced, and there is no way I could come up with some of the things she created!


Never having seen her, I wasn't prepared for her outfit!  If you have seen her in person, you are already aware of her eccentricness.  I totally just made up that word! This pic just doesn't do it justice!  Do any of you use any of her stuff?

These bears were my favorite!

I have been so blessed in my new position to have received so much professional development while most departments are cutting these types of things from their budget, mine sees the value.  

I am happy to say that my spring break is fully intact and is just around the corner!!!!  It begins Thursday and my family will be heading down to Garden City Beach, SC.  My aunt lives there so its free which is a bonus and as an added bonus, my uncle retired from managing Krispy Kreme down there, so its free hot now doughnuts all around!!  I'll be a fat, red lobster when I leave!

I can't wait to get my toes in the sand!  Thursday can't come fast enough!

Lastly, I have a freebie for my dedicated readers.  I whipped up some new spring Boggle Letters.
(I forgot my external drive at school, so I had to steal borrow the pic from Pinterest!)
Head over to my TPT or TN to pick up your copy!  

Sunday, March 17, 2013

St. Patrick's Sale

To celebrate St. Patrick's day, several amazing bloggers are having a one day sale! Megan, over at Mrs. Wheeler's First Grade is hosting a linky where you can find all the sellers who are having a sale.  You don't want to miss out on all the good deals!

My Lucky Numbers K-1 centers are included in my sale!

I hope you luck out with some great deals!

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Lucy + Me = BFF, and freebies!!!

I am on cloud 9!!!  I had the awesome pleasure of being able to attend the Lucy Calkins Units of Study for Writing Workshop on Monday.  Amber and I rode down with Ellen and Danielle (2 other Instructional Facilitators) Sunday afternoon and spent the evening in Columbia.  Dinner was at California Dreaming, which was yummy.  The restaurant is in an old train depot, which is so neat!

Amber and I with our Pinnacle Buddy, Carla!

Next we headed out to Wet Willie's, which is basically an adult slushy bar!
What's not to love about that????

We had a great time relaxing and hanging out with other teachers.  But the highlight of the event was definitely seeing Lucy!!!!  She went over the new units of study, and spent a lot of time discussing the new opinion units.  I loved hearing her speak and being so real.  You could tell she was a teacher at heart.  I am so excited about using these new units next year!

When were waiting in line to speak to her, I was sooooo nervous!!!!  When we were up, I'm pretty sure I managed to mutter out something like, "I'm so excited to meet you!  My teaching has been revolutionized by the Reading and Writing Workshop!!!"  At least in my head that is what it sounded like.  This was honestly the highlight of my educational career so far!  

I came back to school and it was back to the grind as usual.  We are having PD tomorrow on Retelling, so I whipped up some freebies that you can use if you want!  

They are in my Google Drive, so just click on the pics to download them!  

Check out the awesome treat I made for my teachers just for attending our PD today!!!  Don't you wish you were in my PD!

As an added bonus for all my amazing followers, I am having a Sale at my TPT and TN through Sunday!  Enjoy 20% off at both!

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Yummy in my Tummy and Winners!!!

So many of you know I took the jump into the Pampered Chef world.  Well my launch party was this week and went great!  We had Chocolate Lava Cake, Mini Pesto Pizzas and fresh Salsa....are you hungry yet????

Amber  from Adventures of a Third Grade Teacher dropped in the frosting for our lava cake!

This cake was made in the microwave in 10 min!  Shut the front door!!!!  It was moist and delicious.  

Fresh Salsa made in the Mannual Food Processor

Power Cooking!!!!!

We used the Simple Slicer to create these yummy Pesto Pizzas.  I'm here to tell you, eating one isn't an option!

I started a Pampered Chef group on FB to share these yummy and quick recipes.  What is your go to product???

Thanks to all who entered my Lucky Numbers giveaway!  The Winners are Tamera and Aimee!!  Congrats ladies, I am sending your prize to you!

Well I'm heading off to see Lucy Calkins after church in Columbia, SC with Amber  and some other teacher friends!  I am so excited I can't wait!!!  Are any of you going to be there? If so, we could have an impromptu Blogger Meetup!

Monday, March 4, 2013

Which is Best: Reading Workshop or Daily Five and a Giveaway

I can't believe it is already March!!!!  When did that happen???  I have been so excited about going to the Lucy Calkins Writer's Workshop Conference, that I didn't realize it was next week!  I am going down with Amber, from Adventures of a Third Grade Teacher, and 2 other Instructional Facilitators in my district.  I was in charge of getting the hotel, and dang if it didn't sneak up on me!  Don't worry, I booked one last night!  Whew!!!

This week is slam packed for me!  Our school is doing both Reading Workshop and Daily Five structures depending on the grade level.  For next year, we are choosing 1 school wide structure.  To help with the choices, our teachers are visiting 2 different classrooms that are doing these structures.  2nd grade will visit a Daily Five class this week, then have a planning day upon return.  Next week 1st grade will do the same.  Then we gear up for a Reading Workshop visit in a neighboring district.  I can't wait for my teachers to see these in action!!!  They learned about them this summer, but we all know that being taught a structure  being talked at, isn't the same.  Which one is your preference and why?

Me personally, I am a die hard Reading Workshop FANATIC!  I love running my room using that structure.  I did a training last year district wide, and will offer 2 this year broken down into small grade level sections.  

So onto the giveaway!  I am FINALLY done with my St. Patrick's Day Math Centers for K-1 (and some 2).  These are great for reviewing skills and remediating skills that are still lacking.  It has the following games in it: 
1. Number Concentration and Ten Frame Concentration
2. Number Bump and Addition Bump
3. Collect 20 and Collect 50
4. Collect 10: Add or Subtract and Collect 20: Add or Subtract
5. Number Cross Out and Addition Cross Out

CCSS Addressed in this Pack:


I have worked so long on this pack, that I am excited to have it done in time for St. Patty's day!  If you would like to have this pack, its your lucky day!  I am giving it away to 3 lucky bloggers!!  Just enter below. I will pick a winner on Sunday, March 10.  

Are you feeling lucky?????


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