Thursday, July 23, 2015

Top 10 for Pinnacle Week

I have spent this week getting recharged on my technology knowledge and working on new ideas that I can use in my classroom this next school year.

Here is my Top 10 List of things that have happened at Pinnacle this year.

10. Mindcraft can be an amazing tool to use in the classroom.  Just make sure you take the Dramamine before attempting to play!

9. Badges!  What a great motivator for students to keep up their work.

8. Inquiry Circles...Great way to incorporate technology and content together!

7. Wonder Notebooks-In the past I have done Day Books for my students to use across different subjects.  I am excited to see how using Wonder Notebooks allows my students to tap into their natural curiosity.

6. Nearpod-what a neat tool to engage learners quickly.  I am excited to explore this tool next school year.

5. People Machine-loved this idea for getting students to collaborate and engage with others.

4. Personalized Learning-This idea has caused me to wonder how it would be possible with our current curriculum frameworks we have in place.  I will researching more about this topic and adding components of it to my room.

3. Working with other pinnacle leaders.  I don't get to see some of these educators  very often, but when we are together, amazing things happen.  We build off each others expertise and energy and are able to come up with great ideas that we use in our classrooms.

2. FOOD!  Ice Cream Sundaes, Biscuit Bar, Gourmet Popcorn, Cookies and Milk, Pizza lunch.....are you hungry yet?!?!?!

1. AppMazing Race!  I loved this activity.  It incorporated multiple different tech ideas and allowed our group to be creative and have fun.  It was so much fun, a group of us created one to use at the beginning of the year with our students.

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