Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Ch, Ch, Changes

A lot has happened since the last time I posted about things going on in my classroom! In February I found out I was expecting a new baby. This was very surprising, as we hadn't planned on expanding our family, but we are so excited to welcome another girl to our family! Harper Grace will be here in a few weeks.

 With the twins in our already cramped house, we made the decision to put our first home on the market.  We had thrown the idea around over the past year, but never committed to getting it ready to sell. Once we decided to sell, it took 3 short long weeks to find a buyer!  Then we were faced with having a new baby on the way, with no home! God sent put perfect home in our path and made it work for us. So by the end of July, we had packed, moved out of our first home, and were in the new house. 

As if that wasn't enough change, a month into summer break, I got a call from my fab principal telling me our numbers were down in 1st grade, and she needed me to move to 4th grade. What?!?! Hello, I'm having a new baby, already have 4 year old twins, and just sold and bought a house! No, I don't want to move grade levels! Well she pulled the 'it's what is best for kids card' and I was done for. I ALWAYS try to do what is best for the kiddos at my school. So for the next two weeks, I prepared to move my house. 

Then my world turned upside down. My amazing principal took a big, fancy promotion to our County Office being over all elementary curriculum....great for her, sucks for me! So after a VERY DARK WEEK (remember I'm 6/7 months Prego by this point and EXTREMELY hormonal) I had a pity party, basically refusing to move.

Fast forward two more weeks. We are 3 weeks before go time for back to school. I sucked it up and my wonderful hubby packed and moved my classroom. Did I mention how fab he is!?!?! So finally I am excited to share my 2015-2016 classroom with you! 

View from the door

Calendar Area

View from Reading Table

Data Board

Library and meeting area 

Notice my Owls?!?!?  Love my theme!

Blue baskets for nonfiction, green and purple for fiction

4th Grade Rocks!  Love these back to school treats!

I am loving 4th grade and my class is AMAZING! Having 4 1/2 yr olds at home, it has been refreshing to be working with older kids at school. I am excited about the arrival of my new baby girl, but am sad to miss out on my kiddos this year while I'm on leave. 

I hope you will stick around and join me for this new journey this year :)

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