Sunday, February 10, 2013

My Reading Go-Tos

Kenley woke up this morning feeling sicky, so no church for us.  I am sitting on the couch watching listening to HGTVs Love It or List It (I might be an addict to all things HGTV) and working on my guided reading lesson plans for this week.  I am so excited to be modeling guided reading for one of our newbie first grade teachers!  This is one of my favorite thing about my new position!

Our school has 2 new technology resources to use for reading planning.  If you are struggling with finding resources that align with CCSS and keep your kiddos interested, keep reading!

The first resource is Reading A-Z.  This site is my go to for guided reading planning.  It is seriously the busy teacher's best friend!  The site includes books for all levels aa-Z and most books can be created as a wordless book for the youngest readers.
I use the 5 domains of reading (phonemic awareness, phonics, vocab, fluency, reading comprehension) in each of my reading lessons, and Reading A-Z doesn't disappoint!  Each book comes with a complete teacher lesson plan that covers all the components.  You can even search by CCSS to find books/lessons that align with a specific standard.  

This resource also allows you to project the books and resources on an interactive whiteboard, which makes this product perfect for shared reading or even centers as well.  

My next reading go-to is Big Universe . This is a new resource to me and I am still learning about all it has to offer.  
Unlike Reading A-Z, this site promotes books online only, there is no print option.  But they have worked with lots of well known publishers to use their books on their site.  BU has over 5,000 titles that you can search based on skill, level, and content.  It is mostly non-fiction with is great for CCSS.
This is just a sample of some titles that are available.

When you open up a book to read, you have the controls at the bottom of the page. My favorite thing about reading these books online, is the pages turn like a book (I know, dork!)  While all there books can't be read aloud, they do have a large selection that do have this option.  

These are great for using during shared reading, guided reading and read aloud.  Another amazing feature of this program is the ability to add student names to each teacher's class.  Each teacher can establish reading levels for the student's "bookshelf" which tells the program which levels the student can choose from.  After reading a book with the class, the teacher can also assign this book to individual students.  This is a great addition to the Daily Five rotations.  

What are your Reading Go-Tos????


  1. I looove guided reading! I am the only person in my building doing it and I am seeing more growth then ever with my students. I really wish my district would do it district wide. Our students really need instruction at their own reading level. We shall see! Have a super, great Valentine's Day!

    1. This use to be how our district was and I couldn't believe it!! When teachers would say 'what is guided reading?' I was like what!!!! So glad your kiddos have a teacher who sees that value! Have a great VDay!

  2. Oh I love Reading A-Z and I'm super excited about the new site! I haven't used it before!

  3. I loved Readinf A-Z last year when I was teaching reading. I also like Storyline Online (but it's reads it aloud).


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