Thursday, February 14, 2013

Vday Love

This Valentine's day may go down in the books as one of my faves!  The hubs and I decided we were going to get up early and make breakfast together.  Instead of waking me up, that sweet hubby of mine let me sleep in and began the cooking himself!  Yes, he is a keeper!!!!  He made me delicious crepes filled with Nutella and strawberries and topped off with  powdered sugar and whipped cream.  2 words: Da Licious!!!  (yes it is good enough to be 2 words!)
The hubs carved that large strawberry into the shape of a heart!

We gave the girls a crepe without Nutella.  Kenley loved the whipped cream and Raegan loved the strawberries.  

I then got my awesome gift from the hubs!  Something you must know about me is, I LIKE OLD STUFF! There I said it and its out in the open, judge if you must!!!  

My obsession is looking for new things that have an 'old' look to them.  I have filled my house with just such stuff.  It is my dream to one day have a brand new house that looks like an old 1800's farmhouse.  Did I just loose a few of you???  I hope not!  Anywho, the hubs visited my favorite primitive store and picked up these candlesticks!  I also got some candles that are on timers.  They come on at the same time each day! (that's not very primitive, huh!)
This is the first year I have not had a class of my own to celebrate Vday with and I was a little sad.  Instead I was able to visit all the classes and participate in many parties...SCORE!  Our school sold Candy Grams to raise money for a new playground and guess who got one....Your's truly! A kindergartner named Trevor sent it to me!  It really made my day and I almost cried when I saw it.  

To help share the love with my teachers and let them know how much I appreciate what they do for the kiddos, I made them a Valentine.  I used this awesome freebie from it is what it is, attached Starburst, and passed them out today.  Easy, Peasy!
If you are looking for other freebies for next year, check out this link.  I made these glowsticks for my kiddos last year..

My night is just going to keep getting better.  Instead of going out into the craze filled restaurants, we opted to stay in and have a steak dinner at home.  So not only do I get to avoid all the cray crays, its also cheaper!!!  I am also making Applebee's Blondies (my fav!) using a copycat recipe.  Here's hoping it is as good!  If you want this recipe, click here!

We are going to top off our romantic night at home by watching the movie, What to Expect When Your Expecting.  I have high expectations for this one, so if you've seen it and it doesn't meet those, please don't share with me!  

I will leave you with one last pic of my sweet girls playing with their daddy while the grill was heating up.

Hope you have been shown lots of love today.  What Vday plans do you have?

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