Sunday, February 17, 2013

Pampered What!!!

FYI this post is totally not teacher related!!  One of my best mommy friends asked me to attend a cooking demonstration where we would learn how to make freezer meals ahead of time for like 2 weeks at a time.  Being a mother of twin 2 year olds, I said sign me up!!!!  The demo was Saturday and she forgot to mention it was PAMPERED CHEF!!!!  I must confess I am a self proclaimed connoisseur of all things Pampered Chef  PC!  As we were sitting in our cooking demo, I was flipping through the book and showing my best mommy friend BMF all the products I already own.  I began thinking of how fun it would be to sell this stuff!  What the world!!!!!
I already had my marketing presentation in mind to convince the hubs to let me do it.  The discounted free product, the fancy trips, extra income.  What's not to love??????  So I am obviously in need of a reality check and you are just the ones to do it for me!  I am looking for the good, bad and ugly of doing PC.  Give it to me straight .....BE HONEST!  If I am crazy, tell me so!  If any of you have experience in this type of thing, I would love your feedback.

Oh, we did walk away with 10 freezer recipes to use, so it was a total success!  Freezer meals, check, measuring spoons I needed, check, possible extra income, possibly!


  1. I sold PC from 2005 to 2010. It's a good company. I couldn't live off of it, however. It was just something to get me out of the house. There is a certain sales requirement to remain "active," ie. not lose all of yours sales credit. I would check to see what that is to see if you can think you can handle it. My average show was $400 about every other month. Feel free to contact me with more questions. I'm not sure what else you want to know.

    Fifth in the Middle

    1. Thanks Diane! I am not looking to get out of teaching, just some extra income. They told me that the average was about $450, so I wanted to do my own research and see what the real world said! I was thinking about limiting myself to 1-2 shows a week. The deal right now is you have to sell $1250 in product your first month to get 1/2 back on the cost of the setup kit. Is that doable?


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