Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Currently on Spring Break!!!!

I am loving this Spring Break week!  We just got back from the beach and I am linking up with Farley for her world famous Currently!

The hubs got a free Redbox code and we rented Lincoln.  I love all things history and in particular, this time period (dork, I know!) I am loving being on Spring Break!!!!  No wake up time, except when the girls get up, getting things done around the house on days other than Saturday, and watching the Young and the Restless, what could be better????  Come on Summer Break!!  

I am thinking about the new products I want to make.  I have so many ideas in my head, its time to put those ideas into action!  I am going to start working on a natural resources lapbook and a plants unit pack.  Any other suggestions?

My want is a big one!  I have been married since 2004 and the hubs and I have NEVER had a new couch!  That is what I want!  I want to get one that is mine first and I get to pick out the color.  Don't get me wrong, we have appreciated the kindness of others, giving us furniture, but now I want my own!  Oh did I mention I also want a new house?!?!?!  That's a whole different post!

I am needing to get up and clean my house!  We came back from the beach and the house was left like a tornado had been through it.  It is quiet difficult to clean with the twins around, and not to mention HGTV and DIY were calling my name!  Oh well, there is always tomorrow to try again!

My advice is pretty straightforward, be yourself.  On your blog and in your products.  It is very tempting to "sell out" and try to model yourself into what others who are successful are, but it is far better to be yourself. It is awful hard keeping up an act as someone else, then to just be real!  

That's it!  Head over to Farley's and get your own!


  1. Hello! I've come to check out your Currently as I've just posted my first one and joined my first linky party! It's fun!

    We have taco Fridays (and often Wednesdays too)- we love love love tacos!

    How long is Spring Break? I'm in New Zealand so it's the end of summer here- we've got a mid term break in about two weeks but the name Spring Break just sounds so refreshing and fun! We should name our holidays better I think!

    Time for me to go and check out your resources now- at first glance they look great! I like your advice too- for someone starting out I think it's important to remember that and not be overwhelmed by what's already out there.

    See you again soon! From your latest follower

    x Serena x

    Magic Mistakes & Mayhem

    1. Thanks so much! Our spring break is around 10 days ....not long enough! Haha we love tacos! And who can beat $1 tacos???

  2. I got married to my husband in 2004 too and we got a lounge as a wedding present (we asked for vouchers from everyone and bought it ourselves). And as for the new house, that is on my list too :)

    1. How neat! We were married in Sept, what about you?

  3. Funny story about a "historical" movie: one of my kindergarteners seemed to think that Lincoln was a vampire {you know, because of that "Abe Lincoln: Vampire Killer" movie or whatever}. I just could not seem to convince her otherwise! Oh, dear! :)

    Your advice is spot-on. In fact, I was reading an article in Scholastic's Instructor magazine the other day that interviewed Deanna Jump, and she basically said the same thing. If you copy someone else's style, the whole world will know it! Gotta stay true to yourself. :) Good advice!

    I'm pumped to see that you have science posts tagged... I'm a K-4 Science Lab teacher, so I'm ALWAYS looking for exciting science investigations that I can fit into my hour with each kid in the school! Can't wait to check out all your posts!

    ~Mrs. K. from The Teacher Garden Blog

    1. Your Vampire comment made me laugh out loud! I am glad your enjoying checking out my science stuff! I love teaching content and feel it gets brushed to the side. I'm off to check out your blog!

  4. Wow you have twins? How do you do it? Blog, teach, TpT store, Mom, wife! I have 3 kids but my big kids (12 & 13) are a big help! The 5 year old now is crazy! In fact she just brought me a pretend cup of coffee in a sippy cup. I guess she is trying to tell me something! Ha! Enjoy your spring break I know I am!

    1. Love the sippy cup! My girls pretend to drink 'coppy' all the time!

  5. I love Spring Break and I hope you are enjoying yours as well. I was not excited (at all!) about going to see Lincoln with my boyfriend but 20 minutes into it, I was enthralled. Such a phenomenal movie. :)



Twins, Teaching and Tacos


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