Sunday, April 14, 2013

Where Oh Where Has My Weekend Gone?!?!?!?!?

This is the song I find myself singing every Sunday night!  It is like the week DRAGS on and the weekend ZOOMS by.  What.Is.The.Deal.  I know all of you agree with me, right????

I haven't talked much about my new Pampered Chef business lately, but I had 2 parties this weekend!!  Yes I have money crazy written on my forehead!  Friday night was all about Power Cooking.  If you are like me, your busy.  I am a mom of twins, full time teacher, and now working PC on the side.  I always tried to make weekly/monthly meal calendars so that we would eat in more.  Well that always went by the wayside when I was late getting home, passing fast food, or just plain out didn't feel like cooking!  Anyone with me???  Bueller...Bueller...anyone??  Enter Power Cooking!  It seriously changed the way I cook.

You start with 3-6 lbs of hamburger and 4lbs of chicken.  The idea is to make up hamburger and chicken bases to freeze and pull out during the week.  I created sloppy joes, taco salad base, and busy mom's lasagna base.  I didn't leave the chicken out!  I made up chicken Parmesan soup, chicken tortilla soup base and something else I just can't remember!  (bad I know!) So that is 6 meals that will last my family the whole week!  I simply pull out the bag, defrost it, and Viola' dinner is served!  I usually take an hour on Saturday or  Sunday to Power Cook.

I have been working on my latest product all week too!  It has been one of my most difficult products to create because I struggled to find graphics that I thought fit the topic and was cute!  So here it is hot off the Natural Resources Lapbook.

Making the product I did learn things about Natural Resources that I didn't know.  I am embarrassed to say that I honestly never understood what fossil fuels were!  After reading about this topic, I now know!  Please don't judge me!!!!!  

There is a freebie of one of the minibooks in the preview download.  I am also giving away 2 copies of this over on my Facebook page.  If you haven't liked my FB page, make sure you click here to enter for your chance to win!

Ugh!  Does Monday really have to come so quickly!

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