Monday, April 22, 2013

Things Kids Say

As I was walking back to my room this morning I overhead the nurse having a conversation with a student about his ear.  The convo went like this:

Nurse: How long has your ear been hurting?
Student: I don't know.
N: Did you put something in your ear that might be causing it to hurt?
S: Well I did get a B.B. stuck in it one time.
N: Well how long has it been since the BB was stuck in there?
S: You mean how long since that happened?
N: Yes, how long ago did the BB get into your ear?
S: 2 days.
N: Well that might explain why it is hurting.  How did a BB get in your ear?

The conversation continued, but unfortunately I had to turn and go on a different hall and couldn't hear the end of it.  The BB in the ear will remain a mystery, for now at least!

I was amazed at how the nurse kept herself together, not once laughing!  I was cracking up behind them the whole time.  Kids are just so innocent and honest and just let whatever fly out of their mouths!

What stories did you hear today????


  1. Wow! We were reading Junie B. Jones Cheater Pants today and Junie B. said she had a "knotball" in her stomach. I asked my firsties to share of a time they had a knotball. One of my sweet kiddos said she gets a knotball when she has to go to her dad's house during the summer because she doesn't like to be there. :(

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  2. That's a good one :) We hear all kinds of things all day long, don't we?


    Fun in Room 4B

  3. Tee-hee! One of my kiddos walked in the other day and said "Mrs. Gard, am I absent?" How could I not laugh?
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