Sunday, August 26, 2012

Another One Bites the Dust

Another summer break is coming to an end!  The school year will officially begin tomorrow.  This past week and a half have been one big whirlwind of meetings, planning, and setting up for the kiddos to come Monday!  I am embarrassed that I have gone over a week without posting, but each day I have been working until at least 6, coming home and playing with the girls until they go to bed, then working until 12ish each night on school stuff! Needless to say, I have been a sleep zombie!

While I don't have a classroom of kiddos to prepare for, I do have a staff full of teachers to assist in implementing a brand new curriculum.  Moving to the Common Core, meant that everything changed! 
Our district is now using Pearson Math Investigations (which I LOVE!)
Lucy Calkins Reading and Writing Workshop (another of my faves!)
Foutas and Pinnell Word Study
I used Investigations and Calkins in my classroom last year, so I knew my knowledge would be an asset to my teachers.  We have been busy mapping out the new curriculum,  learning new procedures, and making tons of copies!  

While my new school has made me feel welcome, I still call my former school home!  I had lunch with my friends and principal  Rebecca on Friday at , guess favorite Mexican restaurant!  Not only do they have the $1 tacos on Monday, they have a lunch buffet, EVERYDAY! We gorged ourselves on yummy Mexican faves and talked about the new staff, kiddos, and all the changes happening.  The teacher who took my room told me that a handful of kids came down on orientation night to see me :( and she told them I wasn't there this year!!!!!  I cried right there in the restaurant.  I knew it was going to happen as soon as I applied for the new job, but I haven't had to see kids all summer, so it hasn't been real.  Enter new school year and reality!

There was also significant time spent talking about Big Brother!!!  Do ya'll watch that?  I am addicted!  I read spoilers, watch After Dark and yell at the TV during the show (pathetic, but please don't judge!) Sonya, a teacher at my former school my friend, loves it just as much as I do so we were having an overly excited convo about it!  Man do I miss these ladies!!!!!  

On my last post I gave away a set of my new Common Core I Can Statements to the first 3 comments.  But only my K-2 was done then!  I am happy to say I have 3-5 finished now!  In honor of the new school year, I will give a set away to the first 3 comments.  Leave your email address and grade level and I will send them to you!  
I am almost at 200 followers and am planning a big giveaway for 200!  Stay tuned for that :)


  1. Kari Maxey - I teach 3rd!

  2. Beverly Oliver I teach 3rd grade! Thanks

    oliverb @

  3. Don't count me since I have them already ;) I just wanted to say, "hey" and get some more 6 pm-ers...ok?


    Fun in Room 4B

  4. Mmmm..... I love Taco's! I teach 2nd-5th grade special education and am teacher of record for reading and writing. Teaching 4 grade levels while implementing a new curriculum is making my head spin!


  5. Oh gosh, us too! It's one big party of CHANGE this year :)

    Always A Lesson


Twins, Teaching and Tacos


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