Thursday, August 9, 2012


It's here!  It's finally here!  The day I have prepared all summer for is today.  I was asked back in March to do a presentation on the Reading and Writing Workshop for  my district.  Each year our awesome district puts on a 2 day conference loaded with a variety of topics and the best part is the whole thing is FREE!!  It is a great way for teachers to learn about the newest trends in education.

 I asked both my teammates if they would present with me....and they both said NO!!!!!!  (Thanks, Erica!)  In their defense, Erica knew she'd be back in Michigan and my other teammate isn't comfortable in front of other people  adults.  So that left little ol' me all by my lonesome.  I gave my self a pep talk and began preparing for the presentation.  I was told that my session would be capped at 30 people and was ok with that.

Fast forward to a week ago.  I got a call from Marilyn, the awesome planner of the conference, asking if I could do my presentation in a lecture hall!!!!!  WHAT!  Apparently my session had 30 people registered and 30 people on the waiting list!  So now my session is capped at 75 and over 60 people are registered!  I AM FREAKING OUT!  I know I can do this, but thats a lot of people!

Anyway, please send some good vibes my way!  I will be promoting lots of my favorite blogs :)

**Update!  I was so anxious, I finished my 1st Grade I Can Statements for math!!  Pick them up for free at my TpT!


  1. WOW!!!! Good luck! I am sure that you will be great and I look forward to seeing the post later that says so!!!!

    Lori @

  2. That is awesome!! You are going to do a great job! I can't wait to read about it later :o)

  3. You rocked it out! You were at your best! I learned a lot. A great session and post session!


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