Saturday, August 11, 2012

Back to School Series: Thinking About Space

I just presented all about implementing the Reading Workshop at my districts local Teaching and Learning Conference.  I was so nervous about it, but like many of you told me, it was AH-SOME and my fellow teachers were a great audience.  They had great questions and many said they felt much more confident walking into their classrooms next week ready to tackle using this model. That was my goal, so SCORE!!!!  Go me!  I'm over here doing a happy dance :)

Today's post is all about thinking about your space when beginning to set up your classroom.  Using the Reading Workshop model requires a different set up that you might not use in a classroom that is using the basal reading program.

During Reading Workshop (and Writing Workshop) you begin with a mini-lesson teaching a strategy or skill  that will increase their reading ability.  In  order to present this mini-lesson, you need a meeting area.  I always had an easel with a chart tablet on it and my supplies I needed.  LOVE my Sharpie chart markers, a must have for making all those anchor charts!

Since I am in a new job this year, I don't have pics of my meeting area, so I borrowed some from sites online, please don't shoot me!  I did link back to their sites :D

I had this exact easel cart and couldn't do Workshop without it!  

These are just a couple of ideas that I found while searching on blogs.  Each of these give you a different way to set up your meeting area.  The first thing I always did at the beginning of the year was figure out where my meeting area was going to be and set the rest of the room around this area.  

Another thing to think about is where materials will be stored.  If you are using Reader's Notebooks (another post!)  you will want to have a place to store extra copies of reading logs, conference logs, task sheets, etc.  This need to be accessible to students, or you will spend your entire guided reading lesson giving out sheets! I used a cardboard organizer for my copies.  Another suggestion is to use plastic stacking trays.  

I have finally finished up all grade level I Can Statements for Math!!!  Head over to my stores to pick yours up!  I will work on reading next!

What are you doing for your meeting area this year?

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