Thursday, January 17, 2013

My Funny Valentine

So my brand new New Year Resolution to post more frequently was very short lived!  This week I have found myself going to bed before 8:30!  Any of you exhausted?????  I don't know why, but since we got back from Christmas break, I have been super tired!

Today's post has nothing to do with teaching, but I am hoping that it will make some of you laugh!

While surfing   perusing Pinterest, the funny movie Valentine's cards caught my attention.  I couldn't resist sharing them!

For the Harry Potter Lover in your life:

Harry Potter Valentines- heehee!

Maybe Lord of the Rings is more your style!

Lord of the Rings nerdy valentines. Love it! Now I don't have to buy my hubby a Vday card next year :)

Hunger Games....My Valentine's Day be ever in your favor!
Valentines #hunger #games
I can't get enough of these!!!! 

I have been working on my Weather Lapbook, so stay tuned for it to come hot off the press this weekend!  Enjoy the winter weather :)  I'm hoping for a delay and no more!!!!!!


  1. So glad to hear there are others out there that go to bed by 8:30....I was starting to think there was something wrong with me! :)

  2. Oh my gosh, will you be my horcrush about made me pee my pants!!! Thanks for sharing these!

  3. I am just glad others out there share my love of corny movie cards!


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