Wednesday, February 1, 2012

An Award, Dental Unit and Hump Day Freebie

So I started off my awesome hump day waking up to an award from my teaching soul mate, Amber, over at Adventures of a Third Grade Teacher!  She so lovingly bestowed the My Favorite Follower Award on me!  Many of you know that we are friends in real life, but I would so follow her if we weren't.  She's awesomely amazing and watch out when her creative juices are flowing!
I have so many awesome followers that it is very hard to choose this one, but I have to give it to Kelley over at Buggy for Second Grade.  She always leaves the sweetest comments on my posts and gives me encouragement on those tough days.  I'm pretty sure that if we knew each other in real life, I'd want to be BFFs  with her!!!

So did you know Dental Health Month is in February?  I must confess, until this year, I didn't!  We have been planning kick butt health units this year and Dental Health is no exception.  My rockin' teaching partner, Erica, planned out this unit and let me just say, you all need your own Erica on your team, because this unit is SU-Weet (said just like that!)  Our kiddos are making lapbooks that include types of teeth, parts of a tooth, dentist tools, and dental vocabulary.  I will add pics in the morning, because I left them at school.  We also did this cool experiment to see how toothpaste with fluoride helps protect your teeth.  Erica soaked half the egg in the toothpaste mix for 3 days then we covered the whole egg in Vinegar overnight. 

The side with the X  is the fluoride toothpaste side.
Today when we looked at the egg the side that wasn't protected with the toothpaste was soft and squishy!  My kids couldn't get over it and kept repeating how they were going home to brush their teeth!  

And finally, what you have all been waiting for, the freebie!!!  I updated my Long Vowel Racetrack games because when I printed them today, they weren't as large as I wanted.  So I placed the updated versions of all 5 vowel racetracks at my TpT store.  

The freebie is the Long A Vowel Racetrack.  My kiddos love this game! Click here to download your copy.  



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  2. Aww! Love you! :) And for anyone reading this, the eggs were scary squishy! I can't wait to cut one open tomorrow and see what it did to the inside!

  3. Oh and just so you know, the eggs are RAW! They feel like hardboiled after the experiment though!

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  5. I teach an after school group with second graders. Today I played your long vowel race track game and they loved it! It was a group of 4 boys and they thought it was so FUN!!! We didn't do the writing part. We just made columns of the words they found that matched the space they landed on. Then we matched up ryhming words and wa-la! It was very cool! Thanks for giving that as a freebie! It was so perfect for my boys!

  6. Patty, Im so glad your kiddos loved the Racetrack games! My kids really enjoy them, too. I hope to make some other spelling games to support my new spelling instruction, so check back later to pick up those freebies too.


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