Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Book Clubs Are My Friend

Many of you know that I changed my reading instruction back in November to focus on building up my students reading stamina.  I have seen so much growth from my students using this model.  I have always taught in the same low socioeconomic area, and yet this year my students are performing super high in reading!  What has changed?  Not my demographic, must be the teaching and delivery!  We have completed 2 reading units so far this year, and with each one, I find that more and more of my students are reading more difficult books and are able to do the reading talk.

We just started a new unit and it is all about book clubs using book series.  I have 4 book clubs based on their levels.  They will read at least 3 books in the series, and then begin a different series and read at least 3 books in it.  All this in 1 month!

When I first saw that the expectation was my students would read so many different books in a short time I didn't think they would ever reach that goal.  What I didn't expect, was that 2 of my groups finished their first book in only 2 days of reading!  I had my lower readers finish their Julian book and my high kids finish Sarah Plain and Tall.  (I wasn't suprised with them, its short and their high!)  

I can't wait to see how their understanding of characters builds as they move into the second book tomorrow.  


  1. I would love to know more about your book clubs & the units you use for reading workshop! [Sorry if you posted about it before, my computer is super slow & I can't find it if you did!]

    Third Grade in the First State

  2. Hi Meg, I am using the Reading Workshop yearly curriculum plans from Lucy Calkins. Here is a link to a previous post where I gave the specifics of her units. They are AH-MAZING! They are $10 and give you a years worth of lessons. Each unit is about a month long and build off each other. We are on our 3rd unit which is the series book clubs. The unit gives me the teaching point for each day, and I create the poster/anchor chart that I want to use and give my kids a reading task which they write down on a sticky note during reading. If you need more send me an email. I could also send you some of the plans I've made for the unit and let you know what book series I used this time for my readers. Hope this helps!!!



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